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One of my absolute favorite muscle cars from the 60's and 70's is the Plyumouth road runner.  from the Plymouth division of Chrysler car makers. The funny name was named after the Road Runner character  from Warner Brothers cartoons. The car company actually paid over 50 grand just to use the name!

When Chrysler  began to develop the road runner muscle car they spend a great amount of time on the engine performance and the handling of the vehicle. The car came with basic options like   air conditioning, front disc brakes, bench seat ,AM radio  power steering and an auto transmission

The Road Runner cam with a  383 v8 and they also came with an upgrade to a large and  powerful 426 Hemi engine. The 1968 road runner did the quarter mile in a little over 13 seconds . that was very fast at the time for such a good priced vehicle. The road runner was only expected to sell like 2-3k units but ended up doing almost 50k cars!

Later down the road with the success of the road tuner they added bigger engines, colorful model and many more options. unfortunately the car was discontinued in the 80's

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